Residential Natural Stone

Natural stone is extremely strong, which means it is suitable for use in many areas flooring, pool surroundings, bathrooms and more. It is non-slip, cool in hot weather and salt resistant, a perfect stone for outdoor and indoor applications.

Travertine tiles are certainly a stone tile to choose if you are considering remodeling your home and certainly if you are looking for a stone tile for a new house that will give that luxury look. Travertine is a stone that will never lose it’s touch no matter how many years pass by it will always look stunning.

Travertine tiles can be bought in two forms, filled or unfilled. As well as that it can be polished, tumbled or honed. Sealing is required. Our travertine comes all the way from the quarries of Turkey & Italy.

Beautiful marble, some say the queen of stones. Certainly used and valued in classical times as shown by the many ancient monuments and buildings existing today. Marble tiles are the tile of choice in many entrances, foyers and bathrooms. Marble tiles have that beautiful feel that work in almost any environment, it is a tile that no one grows tired of it. Marble is a stone of choice from the ancient times to now because it is known for being hard wearing, free from scratches, durable and long lasting. Marble tiles come from Macedonia, Greece and even the USA.